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#Project Name Project Duration Year Funded by
1Shaab Park, contract No. AFVC-B50 days2008US Army
2M 13 Park Renovation, contract No. AFVC-B50 days​2008US Army
3M 331 Park Refurbishment, contract No. AFVC-B30 days​2008US Army
4Shaab Pool Drainage System, contract No. AFVA-1-5 CAV-S930 days​2009US Army
5Al Dahannah School renovation, contract No. AFVA-2-5 CAV-S9 30 days2009US Army
6M 343 Solar Light CERP Project, contract No. AFVA-1-5 CAV-S9180 days2009US Army
7Micro trenching 30 KM from Al-Masbah to Adil Exchange, contract No. 63/201650 days2017Symphony / ERTHLINK Telecommunication Co.
8Ajoint cooperation agreement in the service of internal transport and customs clearance365 days2018Zain Iraq Telecommunication Co.
9Micro trenching 107 KM in Samara & Tikreet120 days2016Symphony / ERTHLINK Telecommunication Co.
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